KILZ Destination Restoration: MarCom Gold Winner!

Interior design meets creative content and video excellence! The collaboration between renowned interior designer Jason Lai, pro painter Jared "JPaul" Foster, Arcana Academy, and The Buzz Lab has recently been named as the prestigious MarCom Gold winner for their outstanding work on Kilz: Destination Restoration. This project not only showcases the power of artistic innovation but also demonstrates the potential of creative partnerships in the modern design world.

Jason Lai: A Master of Interior Design

Jason Lai is a well-known figure in the world of interior design, celebrated for his talent in creating captivating spaces that seamlessly blend form and function. His portfolio boasts a wide range of residential and commercial projects, each characterized by its unique aesthetic and remarkable attention to detail. Kilz: Destination Restoration offered Lai a unique canvas to demonstrate his interior design prowess by restoration instead of demolition.

Arcana Academy: Crafting Creative Brilliance

Arcana Academy, a Los Angeles-based creative content agency, has a strong track record of delivering strategically sound solutions for branding, advertising, and marketing across various media channels. Their team brings world-class experience and innovative ideas to the table, making them the perfect partner for projects that demand creative ingenuity. The collaboration with Jason Lai was a testament to their ability to translate his design vision into captivating marketing materials.

The Buzz Lab: Mastering the Art of Storytelling through Video

The Buzz Lab is a name synonymous with high-impact video storytelling. With over 16 years of experience, they have developed a reputation for delivering high-value content with style and speed. They specialize in helping large companies create strategic video campaigns that drive results. For Kilz: Destination Restoration, The Buzz Lab's involvement meant that the project would be brought to life through the power of visual storytelling.

Kilz: Destination Restoration

The Kilz: Destination Restoration project was a unique undertaking that required the fusion of interior design, creative content, and video storytelling. The objective was to not only restore a fourth-generational family home by preserving original features without breaking the bank but to narrate the entire process in a compelling and engaging way.

Jason Lai's innovative interior design was the foundation upon which the project was built. His vision for restoring and reimagining the space was nothing short of remarkable.  Jared "JPaul" Foster's perfectly executing the paint by Kilz to restore old surfaces to better than its original glory prepped for paint.  Arcana Academy used its strategic and creative prowess to create branding and marketing materials that would resonate with the intended audience, while The Buzz Lab harnessed the power of video to tell the captivating story of the restoration.

The result was a project that seamlessly integrated design, marketing, and video content, showcasing the beauty of the restored space and the artistry behind it. Kilz: Destination Restoration became an exemplar of collaboration and creative synergy.

MarCom Gold: A Well-Deserved Recognition

MarCom Awards, an international creative competition, honor outstanding achievement in the concept, writing, and design of marketing and communication materials. Winning the MarCom Gold is a testament to the exceptional work put into Kilz: Destination Restoration by Jason Lai, Jared "JPaul" Foster, Arcana Academy, and The Buzz Lab.

The recognition highlights the impact of combining interior design expertise with creative content and video storytelling. This collaboration is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary teamwork in creating marketing materials that engage, inspire, and drive results.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Jason Lai, Jared "JPaul" Foster, Arcana Academy, and The Buzz Lab, resulting in their MarCom Gold-winning Kilz: Destination Restoration project, is a prime example of how creativity, innovation, and teamwork can produce remarkable results. It underlines the potential that lies in bridging different creative disciplines to create something truly extraordinary. The success of this project serves as an inspiration for those seeking to explore new horizons in design, marketing, and storytelling.

Arcana Academy & The Buzz Lab
Arcana Academy & The Buzz Lab

Destination Restoration: Jason Lai and Kilz Paint's 4-Part Web Series on YouTube

For anyone passionate about interior design and the art of restoration, there's an exciting web series you won't want to miss. Renowned designer Jason Lai of JL Interiors has teamed up with Kilz Paint for a captivating 4-part web series on YouTube called "Destination Restoration." In this blog post, we're going to explore this unique collaboration and the inspiring transformations that have left viewers in awe without demolition.

Part 1: Setting the Stage

In the first episode, titled "Setting the Stage," Jason Lai, designer and Jared "JPaul" Foster, pro painter, introduce viewers to the concept of the series. The mission: to restore and rejuvenate a selection of a fourth-generation family home, breathing new life into them.  The spaces will get a complete facelift while preserving and restoring original features of the family's home without breaking the bank.

Part 2: The Restoration Process

In the second episode, titled "The Restoration Process," the magic begins. Jason Lai takes viewers behind the scenes as he and his team meticulously plan and execute the restoration process. From selecting historically accurate colors to the intricacies of surface preparation, every step of the restoration journey is thoroughly explained. Kilz Paint plays a pivotal role in ensuring that these spaces get the protection and aesthetics they deserve.

Part 3: The Transformation Unveiled

As the title suggests, "The Transformation Unveiled" is all about the big reveal. Viewers get a front-row seat as Jason Lai and Kilz Paint unveil the spectacular transformations of these historic spaces. From grand entrances to cozy bedrooms, the rejuvenation is nothing short of magical. The choice of Kilz Paint products for these projects demonstrates how selecting the right paints and primers can have a profound impact on the final look and feel.

Part 4: Preservation and Inspiration

In the final episode, "Preservation and Inspiration," the focus shifts to the importance of preserving our heritage and taking inspiration from these restoration projects. Jason Lai and Jared "JPaul" Foster share insights on how viewers can apply the principles of restoration to their own homes. The web series culminates with a message of preserving history while forging new paths in the world of design.

Why "Destination Restoration" Matters

"Destination Restoration" isn't just a web series about interior design; it's a celebration of history and a testament to the power of restoration. Jason Lai's talent, Jared "JPaul" Fosters's painting and Kilz Paint's expertise in providing high-quality paints and primers make for an unbeatable combination. Their collaboration demonstrates how a careful restoration process can bring neglected spaces back to life, retaining their original charm and adding a touch of modern functionality.

"Destination Restoration" is more than just a web series; it's an inspiring journey into the world of interior design and restoration. Jason Lai, Jared "JPaul" Foster and Kilz Paint have showcased their talent and commitment to preserving history and breathing new life into old spaces. If you have a passion for design, a love for history, or simply a desire to see breathtaking transformations, "Destination Restoration" on YouTube is a must-watch. This collaboration serves as a shining example of the possibilities that can be achieved through restoration and the right selection of paints and primers