Vessel by Accent Decor Features Jason Lai

Vessel by Accent Decor introduces a new home series which includes a handful of interior designers to get their take on home accents and the products they would love to use in their upcoming projects.

This article features our very own powerhouse, Jason Lai.

In a series of questions for Jason, he mentions on how it can be intimidating for clients who are challenged by the maintenance of plants and flowers.  He shares his love for utilizing moss.  He adds a tip and trick by adding recycling paper to the bottom of a pot or vase and only a thin layer of moss to give the illusion of the plushness without the labor of maintenance.

He continues his hot tip by sharing his love to use oversized florals and plants for statement, but usually run into issues with store-bought ones falling short of meeting his expectations.  So instead he sources a realistic faux tree and utilize its branches to fill up the space.

Jason's Current Favorite: Jeva Collection

Jason's Eyeing: Otilia Collection

Jason's Wishlist: Trabar Collection

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